The Onelife Story

Onelife Tofino’s co-founder Terron fell in love with the country, culture, and community of Peru when he first visited several years ago. As a surfer, Terron has travelled to many developing countries to chase waves, and over time came to appreciate how lucky we are to call Canada home. Building bridges to connect across borders became a passion that the Onelife knew they wanted to incorporate into our business model. 

As we began building the Onelife Tofino brand, we were inspired by our time in different corners of the earth and wanted to incorporate a relationship between North and South America that takes the best of both worlds to create an environmentally-friendly, high quality, relevant product lineup that meets the needs of consumers and respects everyone involved in the design, manufacturing, and distribution processes all along the way. 

Today, the region, local culture, and intricate communities of Peru are all integral aspects of Onelife Tofino. 

A small clothing company based in Canada’s surf capital, tucked away far along the west coast of Vancouver Island, Onelife bases our manufacturing in Peru. We have a strong desire to connect across oceans, mountains, and borders, and approach people, our business, and the earth in the same way: by recognizing that we are all connected, and building a stronger world together. This passion is at the very heart of our business model. We work with our partners in Peru to design, construct, and quality-test our products together, every step of the way. Our partners are a Fair Trade, WRAP-certified companies, and we are proud to contribute to various areas of the Peruvian economy and help ease the environmental burden of clothing production by keeping all of our production within Peru.

Too much of the clothing industry is based on sales stats, and as a result, quality is sacrificed, prices are over-inflated, and environments and people are harmed without concern. We are committed to creating ethical, environmentally-friendly, and practical clothing that appeals to those who have active lifestyles and a shared passion for a better world. We believe in corporate social responsibility and minimalism. As a result, we have a small-but-mighty inventory of staple clothing items that will carry you from home throughout your world and back again. Runners, yogis, hikers, surfers, climbers, and lovers-of-comfort will fall in love with our high-quality Pima cotton activewear.  

Pima cotton is the best quality cotton in the world (don’t let the Egyptians fool you!) It boasts a longer fibre than other cotton plants and produces a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch and ultra-durable. Pima cotton has a life expectancy of up to 50% longer than conventional cotton: so you spend less money over time, and help reduce production and consumption, which benefits the earth!  

Pima cotton grows best in the coastal regions of northern Peru, near the equator. Unlike most commercial cottons, genuine Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand. Hand-harvesting is more environmentally friendly than machine harvesting and doesn’t tear the fine cotton fibres: resulting in brilliant white fibres that dye efficiently and are free from scratchy impurities. The growers we work with are generations-old family-operated businesses who maintain a true passion for their cotton harvests.

Thank you for supporting us and our incredible partners in Peru! We are so lucky to be able to work with such an incredible community that supports local, grassroots economies, ease our environmental impact, and keep us all looking stylish and feeling great!  

Onelife Tofino

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